Solar pool heating uses natural heat from the sun to heat you pool, this process is not only cost effective but is environmentally friendly as well. With a solar heated pool you can use your pool all year round getting full use from your wonderful investment. You will be able to swim in your pool during the winter months and even in the cool of night under a starlit sky. What a beautiful experience to share with your loved ones and friends! Our team at Platinum Pool Mart can make this vision a reality by installing a solar pool heating system for your pool today.

Here’s how it works:

Solar Panels

These are positioned in the sunniest area of your property, usually the roof or on a frame that is positioned to catch the sun’s rays.

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The Process

The filtered pool water is pumped up from the pool and through a flow control valve which regulates the amount of water distributed into the solar panels. As the water flows slowly through the solar panels it is heated and then distributed back onto the pool, creating a warmer swimming environment.

Care and maintenance of your solar system is relatively easy. As long as your pool water chemistry is kept balanced and you pool filter is in good condition then there should be no problems with your solar running smoothly.

However, anything that can bypass the filter has the potential to clog the solar system and incorrect pH levels can cause heavy mineral build up. For these reasons it is recommended to use scale inhibitor to help prevent build up from occurring.

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Solar Blankets

Solar Blankets are an alternative and cost effective way to help retain the heat in your pool without having to go to the expense of installing solar heating panels.

When the pool is covered with a solar pool blanket the suns heat passes through the blanket and warms the water underneath, the heat remains trapped, thus creating warmer water. When not in use your solar blanket can simply be rolled up and stored in the shed until it is needed once again.

A solar blanket will not work as efficiently as a solar system in the colder months, but will lengthen the time spent in your pool when summer ends.

Solar pool covers have other great investment qualities as well, including: